Have you been taking a multivitamin “just in case” you think may be missing nutrients? I eat an overall healthy diet and used to take a multivitamin designed for women everyday until I realized why it wasn’t necessary.

Here’s why:

Vitamins are needed in small quantities, but most of us obtain well over that amount from food and even more, if you’re taking a multivitamin. However, having a “backup load” of vitamins is not a good thing. Your body will not use the excess and will get rid of them through your kidneys, intestines, lungs, or even skin.

Vitamins are meant for those who actually have a deficiency and once the deficiency is improved, the vitamins should be stopped. Instead of getting your daily vitamins from one tiny man-made pill, why don’t we just eat real food and obtain our vitamins that way? In a pill, you miss the flavor, fiber, minerals, and other nutrients found in that food.

We are designed to chew, swallow, digest, and assimilate nutrients from REAL FOOD. Our body recognizes the food item and knows exactly how to use it. When a pill is digested and attempting to metabolize, the body is wondering where all the other components are- i.e. fiber, protein, carbohydrate, etc.

To “replace those missing components”, the body’s reaction is to signal us to eat (“get the munchies”) and thus explains why people taking vitamins may tend to overeat even when they’re not hungry. Because you’ve taken that vitamin, your body will continually keep eating until you’ve fully “replaced” those components with real food.

Once I stopped taking the vitamin, I noticed some chin acne starting to fade and my overall energy felt a lot better. It was a difference I definitely noticed and wanted to share this information.

So, if you are taking a multivitamin, maybe reconsider and look at your overall diet. Ask yourself how you can obtain this from food and think of ways to incorporate these types of foods in your diet. If you eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, there is no need to worry about obtaining your vitamins. However, if you are concerned you’re lacking in something, check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling. If the feeling isn’t good and worsens, go see a doctor and get a blood test to check your vitamins. Don’t ever just assume.

Even if the multivitamin says it’s “made from real food”, “organic”, “natural”, whatever the case may be, it is not real whole food and is not better for you. Always go with real food first! Your body will thank you.

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