All About Collagen

When I first heard of people taking collagen I was so confused as to what it was and what all the hype was about especially on Instagram. Here, I will explain some general questions I’ve gotten about collagen that will give you more of an idea of exactly what it is and why I personally take it every day.


What is collagen? Collagen is what holds our body together. It is the main protein that makes up our skin and connective tissue. Collagen peptides are the 18 amino acids that are the building blocks of the protein molecules itself. We start to produce less collagen in our 20’s which leads to wrinkles, joint stiffness, and weaker bones. All signs of aging! Unfortunately, the way we eat nowadays (aka the modern Western Diet) does not provide efficient amounts of collagen.

What are the benefits of using collagen? Some of the proclaimed benefits are increased skin elasticity by reducing appearance of wrinkles/cellulite and supporting firm and soft skin, building thicker hair and stronger nails, improved gut health by maintaining a healthy gut lining and promoting healthy digestion, support of healthy bones and joints by reducing joint stiffness and aiding in muscle repair, etc. The list goes on!

How do I use collagen? Literally in anything! It comes in a powder consistency and is totally tasteless. You can pour it in your morning coffee, blend it right into a smoothie, or even add it to your favorite baked goods. The choice is yours. It’s truly versatile which makes it so much easier to consume every day.

What are the types of collagen? There are two types of collagen supplements. Bovine collagen is made from the skin, bones, and muscles of grass fed cows, while marine collagen is from fish bones and scales.

What brands should I use? You want to look for a high quality, grass fed, pasture raised collagen. There’s a lot of collagen brands on the market so be sure to do your research before buying! Some of the lower quality collagens do not dissolve well and even have a bit of a smell to them. Not good! It’s totally worth the money to invest in high quality and is better for your health too. Further Food has amazing marine and bovine collagen. It’s very high quality; it dissolves completely in hot or cold liquid and is completely odorless.

Have I noticed a difference since taking collagen? Yes. I have been taking collagen for over a year now and have noticed some of the benefits I mentioned above. The main difference I have noticed was my nails. They feel so much stronger and seriously grow so much faster– it’s insane. I also have noticed a difference in my skin and hair. My skin looks more clear than before using collagen and my hair feels a lot fuller and grows quickly too!


By taking collagen every day, you can increase your collagen production and obtain the health benefits I explained above. All of our bodies are different, but I promise that you will see at least one benefit in supplementing it every day.

Consistency is key when taking collagen to notice a real difference. However, because of its powdery texture, I feel that it’s super easy to add to your daily routine because you can easily add it to your everyday foods. 

If you’re interested in trying collagen for the first time (or are already taking it and love it!), you can use my discount code on Use the code LETTUCEEEAT10 at checkout for 10% off!

For more information about Further Food collagen, be sure to visit the link here!

Thanks for reading! If you have any other questions or concerns, comment below. Also be sure to check out my Maple Pecan Collagen Bliss Balls  recipe if you’re looking for some inspo!












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