Guide: Healthy Eating 101

Eat real food. I eat foods that are closest to their original form majority of the time. However, if I am buying prepackaged food, I always always read the ingredients on the back of the label. Just because something says “organic”, “low fat”, “zero calories”, or “gluten free” on the front of the food label, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. If there’s something you can’t pronounce in the ingredients list, it’s probably not the best option. I find this super important because a lot of food products being sold to consumers (us) contain unnecessary added sugars and preservatives that can be toxic to our health.


Balance is important. Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a diet. You should not deprive yourself of certain foods so that you are eating only healthy foods all the time. That’s great, but not realistic. We are humans and can not sustain restriction for a long time. There will be occasions like weddings, birthdays, holidays, baby showers, etc. that will have tempting foods to eat there. Indulge! You deserve to. Indulging every once in a while will make you realize why you healthfully eat most of the time and will actually keep you on track.


Listen to your body. Whatever works for you might not work for someone else. We are all different and things will work differently for everyone.  Listen to your body to find what feels right and works best for you. Example, every time I eat something, I stay in tune with my body by listening and seeing how I feel. If “x” food makes me feel bad, I keep that in mind for next time but if “y” food makes me feel good, it will be something that sticks around in my “diet”. Be mindful and make note of what you’re eating because you’ll start to notice things and find ways to improve your “diet”.

*Note: Using the word “diet” above as the food consumed by a person*


Stop the dieting. I don’t like diets because 1. they’re restrictive and 2. they are not a sustainable way to live your life. They tell you when you should eat, what you should eat, and even how much. They also take away from your hunger and internal cues. If you are not enjoying what you are eating, it will not last. Diets don’t provide a variety of foods or personal food choices. This can cause lack of certain nutrients and under/overeating eating. Again, we are all different and there’s no “one diet” that will work for everyone.





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